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Helloworld Travel is a typical Travel Agency like all agencies in the main aspect of its function which is to sell travel and tourism products on behalf of the same suppliers such as hotels, airlines, bus/car rentals, package tour operators, and travel related suppliers. We continuously strive to offer the best travel arrangement. We endeavor to educate the travelers through information in this website. We want to give the travel information and let the travelers freely choose. This will keep the cost down and reflected in the low price and discount coupons to be received.
As we do not manage the hotels, airlines, tour operators we are not responsible for the deficiency of services they render. Travel agencies should not be the recipient of all the blame for the suppliers’ random deficiency. Not accountable either like the Airline’s delayed or cancelled flight. But we will do what we can to help in the situation. At Helloworld Travel, we will appreciate your feedback in Discount Coupons whether the Service Rendered is Good or not to your Satisfaction. Your feedback will help the Supplier improve or be appreciated; if I should still sell them or not; Will greatly help future travels!
In the process of selling, we source the needed best suppliers & price, we give options, we make arrangements, to find the best match for the customer requirement.
At Helloworld Travel, we showcase packages at best prices so you can see more options, go over and over it, and decide not on impulse. But of course, you can request for a quote for an upgrade in hotel accommodation, or a specific hotel, airline, additional tour, private transfers, or additional day in all of the promo packages. The secret in the best prices and deals are Efficiency and Lowest Operating Cost. Packages here are not set in stones. They are flexible depending on your requirement, we are an email, txt or call away to answer your questions or to make a package for your unique need.