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I just got re-connected to a sweet long-lost bestie Pearl Maghacot-Ramos, a native of Aklan. I wonder what is Boracay to them, so I asked her a favor to tell me about Boracay. Her young, brave and smart daughter, soon to be leaving to Japan for employment sent me the write-up below in a flash. This is Boracay in the eyes of Nicole:


Say that word to a Filipino and only one place comes to mind; Boracay. Although there are a lot of other beaches in the Philippines, Boracay still tops the list as the best tourist destination in the country.

I have been to different beaches both here in the Philippines and abroad but so far, this island is second best to nothing. I would say that Boracay has a lot more to offer today than when I first visited 15 years ago. To start, it has become more accessible since they recently opened Kalibo Airport to international flights. So if you’re coming from a different country, check if your airline offers direct flights to Kalibo. If not, you can always book a flight to Manila first before flying to Kalibo or Caticlan Airport. If you choose to fly to Kalibo, a 2-hour bus ride is needed to reach Caticlan port. Don’t worry, you could entertain yourself with the view of the sea and the mountains.

After which, the bangka ride from Caticlan to the island’s port only takes 15 minutes; very short compared to the 45-minute ride I had to endure when I was a kid who didn’t know how to swim. To add, there wasn’t a port back then. So the little boats had to dock on the beach itself.

When you reach the beachfront, locals will offer numerous activities you can try if ever you get tired of swimming and lying under the sun. You can opt to be one with marine life when you helmet dive or scuba dive. I recommend ziplining and parasailing for those who dream to be suspended mid-air even just for a short while. If you wish to pump out more adrenaline, there are 5 different levels available for cliff diving. You could also invite your pals to compete in “Who will fall off last?” when you try the flyfish ride with them. Otherwise, race them to the finish line in the go kart track. You never have to worry about running out of things to do since Boracay also offers banana boat rides, kite surfing, wind surfing, and ATV rides to keep you busy.

If you think that’s a lot of activities for a day, wait until the sun sets and the island transforms into an entirely different being. Employees of beachfront hotels get ready for their dinner buffet by setting up tables and chairs on the beach. The gorgeous sand castles become more appealing with its candle lights. If you’re not watching fire dancers, or listening to live bands, or walking barefoot along the beach, then you might be dancing to the beat of the music that are playing in the clubs.

As I’ve said, however, I don’t remember having all these action 15 years ago. Maybe because I was just a kid who simply wanted to swim and bury myself in the sand. But that’s the one thing that didn’t change: Boracay’s sand. Whenever I visit a different beach, I always find myself longing for that fine white sand. That sand which looks far from the ones used in construction. That sand which doesn’t burn your feet when you walk barefoot even during the day. That sand which doesn’t stab your feet with small pointy stones. That sand which you want to put in a tiny bottle to serve as memorabilia but unfortunately you can’t. And that’s why you, and thousands of other people who visited, will always come back to this paradise every now and then.

Thank you Nicole & Pearl. Looking forward to more photos & write ups about Japan or your favorite vacation.

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