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Pick your best way to get to Boracay.

If you are coming from Batangas, there is the RORO TOGO ferry from Batangas to Caticlan Jetty Port. The cost starts from Php 1T one way with VAT. Travel at night time and the long 10 hours travel time is a sleep away.

The popular way to travel to Boracay, is to take a plane from Manila domestic airport and fly directly to Caticlan or to Kalibo, Aklan. The flight time is about the same for both, one(1) hour.

Flying via Caticlan VS Kalibo:

Manila to Boracay via Kalibo : Ave Cost R/T:P4100 Travelling Time:3 hours
Manila to Boracay via Caticlan: Ave Cost R/T:P6200 Travelling Time:1.5 hours


1. Manila to Kalibo via plane: Ave airfare R/T P3,200; Travelling time:1 hr
2. Kalibo -Caticlan bus/van Travelling Time 1.5 hr
3. Caticlan to Boracay 15 min banca/boat ride to Boracay/Cagban Jetty Port
4. Boracay/Cagban Jetty Port to Hotel/Destination 15 min van/tricycle

Packaged Roundtrip Airport Transfers from Kalibo- Published Price P900


1.Manila-plane(ave fare R/T- P5400; time:1 hr)-Caticlan (15-minute)
2. Caticlan to Boracay 15 min banca/boat ride to Boracay/Cagban Jetty Port
3. Boracay/Cagban Jetty Port to Hotel/Destination 15 min van/tricycle

Roundtrip Airport Transfers from Caticlan Published Price P800

Check if your Boracay package includes airport transfers. CHECK Boracay Packages at Boracay Package with Transfers for P2270

Flights to Kalibo are by Boeing 737 aircraft. From Kalibo you have a 1 ½ to 2 hour trip by air conditioned bus or private mini van, which will take you to Caticlan.

Once you have reached Caticlan, you have a 15-20 minute banca trip to Boracay Island. The banca trip will drop you off to Cagban Jetty Port. Van or tricycle will take you to the Boracay hotel or the Station where your hotel is close to.

The 3 Stations are on White Beach, known as Station 1, 2 or 3, are the points that designate where you will be dropped off. Station 1 is the furthermost north, Station 3 is closest to Caticlan, and Station 2 is in the middle.

For first timers, it is a good idea to do mix. Going into Boracay via Kalibo Airport and going home via Caticlan Airport. Be prepared to wet your toes from the banca ride. As you are making transfers, the key is to travel lite. Bring your fun spirit and make lots of there is forever moments.

Travel smart, safe and happy!

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